Free your Scribd highlights from the cloud

Now, we can create highlights and notes on our Scribd books! Yay 1. But so sad, Scribd doesn't provide a way to see all the notes and highlights in their entirety, on one page.Even sadder, there is no way to download them into our local computers 2.

Alas! our notes and highlights of the Scribd books are forever trapped in the cloud.

Or are they? Exifile to the rescue! What is Exifile? Exifile is…

Exifile - A Javascript bookmarklet to download our Scribd notes and highlights from your Scribd book page. It gives you a single clean page with all your notes and highlights, and gives you the option to download it in plain text format or JSON format. If you want, you can also copy it out into OneNote or Evernote or whatever your choice of poison… er… text editor repository hybrid chimera is.

  1. As of 2015
  2. As of February 2016


  1. Drag the above button to your browser's bookmarks bar.
  2. Log in to Scribd.
  3. Go to the book and click on start reading.
  4. When the book has loaded, click on the "Exifile" link in your browser's bookmarks bar.
  5. You will see magic happen. The page display will turn to 'vertical scrolling'. Exifile will scroll the book to the very end extracting highlights and notes. Then an overlay will load with just your highlights.
  6. You will see buttons to download your highlights in JSON or Plain text format. Or you can just copy the highlights and paste them to wherever you want.


Having trouble with Exifile? Please let us know and we will try to help out.